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CSA Bouquet Subscription

5 ways to save

4 week Early Spring Share

$125 incl delivery

20 stem bouquets will make you the first feel thawed out from winter


6 week Summer Share

$175 incl delivery

20 stem bouquets to bring the outdoors in when the heat keeps you there


14 Week Season Share (Spring + Summer + 4)

$300 incl delivery

*HINT: that's 4 FREE weeks!

It's your reward for supporting our efforts and you Get the best of both worlds and then some,

from Early spring to Summer and beyond.

20 stem bouquets


Holiday Share

Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Halloween & Thanksgiving

$240 incl Delivery

large 30 stem bouquets for special days


Husband's Share

Every other week, April - October, incl delivery to your wife + your anniversary & Her Birthday!

$480 incl Delivery

20 stem bouquets & 2 XL 40 stem bouquets for your lovely Bride

Payment in full is due with sign up.  All shares include delivery to one address, all season.  The exact days beginning and ending the growing season vary from year to year.  But don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop via email.  We never deliver on Sundays for your special day bouquets.  All others are delivered on Wednesdays, unless there is extreme weather.  Holiday Bouquets, likewise are delivered the wednesday *Before* the holiday.

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