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Ranunculus Helios Butterfly.jpg

Spring Share
4 weeks
(approx Mar-Apr)

delivery incl
This share makes you the first to feel thawed out from winter even when it's still chilly out with a little sunshine sitting on your breakfast table


Ranunculus Share
4 weeks
(approx Apr-May)

delivery incl

Mega Fans of Ranunculus only get a short burst of this eye candy each year.  But this is your chance to capitalize on the season with not only classic but also butterfly varieties!

We let you know when they start blooming and we start delivering.



Summer Share
4 weeks
(approx june)

delivery INCL

 bring the outdoors in when the heat keeps you there with bearded iris, lilies, "Wildflowers" that we actually cultivate and rainbows of zinnia.

Payment in full is due with sign up.  All shares include delivery to one address, all season.  The exact days beginning and ending the growing season vary from year to year.  But don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop via email.  We never deliver on Sundays for your special day bouquets.  All others are delivered on Wednesdays, unless there is extreme weather.  Holiday Bouquets, likewise are delivered the wednesday before the holiday.