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14 Week Season Share

*Equal to the Spring share + Summer share + 4

*$368 includes delivery to a single address

*HINT: that's 4 FREE weeks!  It's your reward for supporting our efforts.  And you get the best of both worlds and then some, from Early spring varieties to Summer and beyond.

*You get to choose when we begin.  Think in terms of flowers (daffodils and anemones usually kickstart the growing season, then tulips and ranunculus before lilacs and roses, then lilies).  We let you know when we have enough growing, you can start or delay at that time.

*CSA Deliveries are made on Wednesdays


2021 CSA 14 Week Season Share

  • Is this a gift for the person listed as recipient/delivery address?  Leave us a note so we can distinguish the two and not ruin any surprises.

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